De Innovatives

February 4, 2008

De Innovatives
The DI Mantra: The only sure thing about life is that.. it changes. And music is the most inseparable part of life as a whole. As such, the most inherent characteristic of music is that it is as dynamic as life itself. Experimenting with such ideology, we are regarded as one of the most vivid and energetic originators of nu-age music. Open to a wide range of pragmatism we stretch our compositions to the horizons of fusion with respect to music, rhythms, instrument usage, language and overall appeal keeping in mind the prevalent trend.

This signature style has earned us a momentous acclaim and given us an edge over many striving for the same. This statement may be validated from our compositions and candid public opinions. In the most recent times to come, our work will precede our image!!!

Making the most of the opportunity to share about ourselves, let’s take a walk in to our band’s life exploring it right from its adolescence, through its formative years to its current status. Here’s an introduction in words and to make it more interesting we’ve added references to available video clips for a picturesque panorama!!!

Band Box
Who? De Innovatives Load Tracks
Genre Rock
Members Nirdosh Sobti, Jaspal Saib, Namrata Sobti, Akhil KAEL, Gagan, Neha Behl
Based in Chandigarh
Contact Email Nirdosh Sobti
Songs Kelvin Getting Wasted


Like most bands origin tale, DI was formed in June of the year 2004 by few college students possessing extra-adrenaline rush and looking for some expression other than the obvious ways. The debut opportunity that was somewhat self-created landed us on stage on the 14th of June 2004 shortly after the formation. The line-up changed quickly though, after participation at Campus Rock Idols 2004 (what we call the star-recognition platform), only to get stable once and for all. Perhaps, we believe this has been our true strength over the years that we stick together against the oddest of odds. We started as a bunch of let-loose-loonies knowing where to go but clueless about the journey. Our initial endeavours primarily with rented instruments cannot be summarized even in embarrassing words. They were out-of-class, literally! To top it all we had to arrange for paying the rents of the hi-fi equipment.

The Initial Frictions

Soon after the band’s formation the dire need for a suitable practice place was the primary concern. This search led to the renovation of a moth-infested room that was not more than six by six by nine feet (LXBXH). The first sounds of the rented equipment were heard through a set of Sony woofers which were later damaged as a result of the Rocking torture. Needless to say we had to pay back in cash.

A Miracle that was the Stepping Stone

In the latter half of the year 2004, November 5th of 2004, to be exact, we won a Yamaha Fazer Bike in a so-called Rock competition organized by the then more famous ETC Channel. We were thrilled and confused thinking whether we were the one-eyed Kings among the blind or really that good. Whatever it was, we know now that our ride kick-started with that victory itself. Though it has been no joyride for us all, coming from low middle-class, non-rocking families, we know for sure we’re living lives that most only dream of! The first investment came from the cash we got after selling the bike. But we still regard Campus Rock Idols 2004 as the stepping stone of our band’s career because of the feelings attached to its quenching act. Yes, truly, the amount of recognition and personal satisfaction that we achieved after meeting the professionals had an immaculate aura that has carried us since.

Who’s Who?

The active band comprises of six people with the lead guitarist staying true to his title, leading the band; the drummer really working hard (in his personal life and band life too) getting beaten up like the bass drum skin; the bassist, overwriting all myths of feminism; the rhythm guitarist, adapting to the strokes of his technical and artistic life; and the apple of everybody’s eyes, the two singers! Sincerely, each one of us has actually traded something or the other dear to him/her to attain the level and understanding of the music that we create or play now.

The Lead guitarist, (or the coordinator as we call him), was basically a keyboard player who switched on to learning guitar because a decent keyboard was a costlier affair than a simple six-string. It was only later that he found out that AC-DC, Gary Moore, Joe Satriani were a better choice with guitars than Adnan Sami who was his Idol with the keyboards.

The Bassist who happens to be the coordinator’s sister has her capâ’s unique feathers coming from a family of musicians polished by Indian classical music. Her speed and accuracy on the bass strings is the result of playing Sitar for her Master’s degree in Music.

The Rhythmic man has had his share of exposure through open and tuned ears primarily, and his technical skill-set has proved to be a boon at countless occasions. Being the eldest he has to bear more than the guitar’s weight on his shoulders.

The Scholar turned Drummer who invested his first scholarship money to buy a basic drum kit is the most sincere when it comes to the band. Dedicating his undistracted attention to his beloved drumkit (now an imported set) as he would have to his books, his once soulmates.

The male vocalist coming from a slightly rustic background with his never give up attitude has surpassed all physical and mental barriers in achieving what it takes to be a die-hard Rocker and that is clearly audible.

The femme fatale vocals rendered with that raspy tone and a peculiar style has given our band an edge in the commercial market catering to the feminine Rockers and also leaving the masochists agape.

How our hardwork has paid and what all we have achieved till date!

During our initial years we had never even dreamt of getting so involved with the band that we’d dedicate our entire lives to music and nothing but music prophesizing not only in what we create but also honouring what landmarks others have set too. Playing covers by good bands has been a fascination of ours against the popular belief that bands who do more covers (no matter how good) do not get enough mileage and recognition whatsoever. We love doing covers because it not only gives a strange sense of satisfaction but also diversifies one’s playing style. Mount Everest would never have been conquered multiple number of times otherwise! So doing something that someone has already done does not always have downsides, instead it has developed a lot of confidence and achievement in us which reflects in our music, eventually.

Today we are the only band in and around our city who owns one of the best practice equipment and instruments, Marshall Amplifiers, Peavey TNT 115 Bass amplifier, Iron Cobra Double bass pedal, Authentic Zildjian Cymbal set, Boss GT-6, POD XT Live by Line-6, Ibanez guitars/bass. And this all has come from our hard-earned money, absolutely no monetary support from anyone else.

Besides this we’ve achieved every band’s dream, setting up our own recording studio. Yes, we have a small indigenous (but amply sufficient for basics) studio set up with two online PCs, an M-Audio Project Mix I/O mixer, M-Audio monitors, Shure’s KSM-44 Mic and some amazing acoustic guitars too. This was our wisest investment that has got us not only immense satisfaction but offers for making music too. However, as per our code of conduct, right now we’re only doing our own thing!

Were we born to do this? where did the learning come from?

Haah.. Well, life is not a walk in the park, sounds cliche to most, but that’s exactly how we want to put it here. All the learning and selecting skills did not come over-night. We have been doing intense research, studying material on the internet, consulting people at every possible occasion, also simply by keeping our eyes and ears open, learnt all what we know today. None of us knew a thing about recording, studio setup, requirements, difficulties encountered, just had the will to do it all by ourselves and we did it. Honestly, we couldn’t even afford a decent sound-proofing technician, so we used the good old “JUGAAD” technique, DIY: Do It Yourself. Studied and revised some acoustic treatment physics, checked out the most viable and economical methods and applied one to get the results of our recordings that we have now.

What our music is all about and why do we do what we do?

However hackneyed it may sound, but our radical thoughts and never-say-die spirits have made us experiment vividly with our music. Perhaps this has been our main reason why we never categorized our genre so stringently. Moreover, the Indian Classical influence with its pervasive roots has been a sea of knowledge for us to explore and diversify the ever-growing form of Rock music. Most of our compositions encompass an Indian Raag in a contemporary form, played on a western instrument giving our music a hypnotic feel.

Although we have 18 authentic compositions in the pipeline, we’ve been able to record 6 so far, out of which 3 have been dubbed and mixed completely as per our level of musical and technical understanding.

What success means to us and how we achieved all that we have today!

Our achievements have been the fruits of careful and dynamic planning and a lot of hard work in the right direction.

If God gave us the wish to re-live our lives as someone else, we’d humbly decline His offer and truly Thank Him for making us what we are today. We had never imagined the amount of respect that we receive today and the number of hearts that pray for us in some way or the other, what more can we ask for. But this is not the end of the world for us, not even salvation as yet, we have miles to go and promises to keep before we finally sleep and WE WILL!!!

Current Lineup

1. Nirdosh Sobti ( Lead Guitarist and Backing Vocals)
2. Jaspal Saib (Rhythm Guitarist and Backing Vocals)
3. Namrata Sobti (Bass Guitarist)
4. Akhil KAEL (Drums and Percussions)
5. Gagan (Male Lead Vocals)
6. Neha Behl ( Female Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals)

Samit Sharma(Band Manager)
Chetan Sobti (Onstage Co-ordinator)
Goldy(Sound Engg.)

Part time promoters:
Aman behl
Gaurav kapila

More Info

Innovation as the main criteria of this band has travelled a long way since the June of 2004 but enrolled to go on. The band gave their first performance on June 14th 2004 in the annual function of their own college (Chandigarh Engineering College, Sector 26, Chandigarh) where this band first stood on the main stage, and rest is all history.

This band, a team of firm believers that ROCK is the only genre of music that can put Life in to Rocks. Just imagine what it can do to humans, the most superior life form on earth! more

De Innovatives, a band of firm believers that ROCK is the only genre of music that can put Life in to Rocks. Just imagine what it can do to humans, the most superior life form on earth!

Experimenting with a wide variety of music we are a six-member band. Each member coming from a professional background in music, gathered together about two years back amidst all the commotion of day-to-day life resulting in the De Innovatives.
Just in order to quench the real rockers spirits inside, we add a bit of sparkle and sometimes spice to the ever-growing immortal form of Rock music. A real performance for us is like a multi-cuisine with ingredients like Pure Rock, Blues Rock, Contemporary Rock, Fusion Rock, Alternative Rock and some Hard Rock and some METAL too. The band prophesizes strictly in Western music stressing mainly on Rock genre. This is clearly outlined in their debut album which is in the making.


1. Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology (CCET) in July 2003. (First
public performance)
2. Government College for Girls (GCG), Sector 11 Chandigarh in November 2004.
3. CITCO Carnival held at Leisure Valley in November 2004.
4. Symphony 2004 Rock Contest, December 2004. De Innovatives aced the contest
triumphing over twenty-two colleges and bands from two universities. The band also
grabbed the Best Vocalist and both Best Hindi and Western duet awards.
5. Saturday Plaza Carnival (Organized by Chandigarh Tourism) in January 2005.
6. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee in January 2005. There we got the
opportunity to play alongside some of the famous Indian Rock Bands like Prestorika
and Zero. It was a great learning experience for us.
7. Annual Festival of Roses at Rose Garden in February 2005.
8. Won the Best Rocker of The Year 2005 award at the Battle of Rock contest
(sponsored by Navik), held at WahDilli, Panchkula in April 2005. The band also
nabbed the Best Lead Guitarist and Lead Vocal awards.
9. M.M Engineering College, Maulana on Jagadhri Road in October 2005. Won the
battle of Rock again.
10. On Demand performance at Saturday Plaza Carnival (Organized by Chandigarh
Tourism) in October 2005.
11. Participated at BITS Pilani, Rajasthan in October 2005.
12. RAAG: Community formed by Rock Lovers of Chandigarh. Headline Act by the De
Innovatives in October 2005.
13. Performed at Golf club on the New Years eve in Welcome 2006.
14. Participated at ISM-Dhanbad, Bihar. Where the Band bagged the best lead guitarist award in Feb 2006.
15. Participated at Saturnalia-Thapar University, Patiala. Where the band again bagged the best rockers award in
March 2006.
16. Performed at chimney heights as a guest appearance in March 2006
17. Performed at Ambala as a guest appearance in April 2006.
18. Performed at Hell in Heaven- Live in Concert at Leisure Valley, Chandigarh in June 2006.
19. got shortlisted among five finalists in avalanche NSIT DELHI and won the best lead guitarist award in 2007.
20. won the best band , lead guitarist , vocalist at ISM DHANBAD among 17 bands in feb 2007.
21. did opening act for international band INDIAN OCEAN AND PARIKRAMA after winning a rock compeetetion..


Coming Soon.

– A writeup by De Innovatives themselves


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