February 4, 2008

Feedback is a 5 piece rock outfit from Delhi, India. Their sound and playing style is, what they believe to be, Unique, Progressive though with a huge range of individual influences. Adhering majorly to Progressive Rock/Metal the band has received a lot of appreciation for their unique sounding originals like Rush Hour, Purge, Introspect, Blahhhh, etc. They also cover bands like Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Porcupine Tree, Van Halen, Spock’s Beard, and Pink Floyd.

Band Box
Who? Feedback Load Tracks
Genre Progressive Rock
Members Varun Rajput, Mridul Ganesh, Shamir Biswas, Tenzing P. Bhutia, Dhruv Vatsal
Based in New Delhi
Contact Email Varun
Phone Varun: +91-9999705570
Phone Dhruv: +91-9810211113
Songs Introspect
The Skeletor Jam


January 26, 2006 was the day when some (rock) starry eyed bunch of greenhorns huddled together to form the band.

Well, Feedback was Varun and Akhil’s brainchild! They had always dreamt of forming a band since their school days, and when they joined college, they got the opportunity to do so. Varun took guitar playing quite seriously, while Akhil found a new interest in playing the bass. Back at IIT, Akhil came across Mridul, and enormously talented guitarist, and Shamir, who was one of the best drummers in the college. Having stumbled across core material for a band, all that was needed was vocalist, to which Ashutosh responded.

During the initial period, the focus on jams and gigs was to play heavy metal and classic rock, which seemed to be the common denominator, for all the band members. After headlining at IITD’s annual music collective, “Distortionare-2006”, they came across Arjun, a brilliant keyboards/synth player, again from IITD. Foreseeing the need for incorporating a different element to the sound of the band’s music, we guys asked Arjun to climb aboard, to which he readily agreed. Further changes in lineup happened, with Ashutosh having to leave the band, for his higher studies. However, the band discovered a magnificent hidden talent in our very own Mridul, who took over the lead vocals, with Arjun and Varun taking up backing vocals. By now, all of us discovered that progressive Rock/Metal was what we really wanted to play, and that’s how FEEDBACK came to be.

In October 07, due to some personal commitments Akhil decided to step down as the bass player and Arjun left for France for a 1 year Exchange Programme. Following which Dhruv (who had played with us on a few occasions) joined the band and Tenzing (from St Stephens) joined as the bass player. The band is sounding better and heavier than ever before and has done exceedingly well in the recent past and promises to continue the the great run.

Current Lineup

MRIDUL GANESH: Guitars/ Vocals
VARUN RAJPUT: Guitars/ Vocals
DHRUV VATSAL: Keys/ Logistics 😛
SHAMIR BISWAS: Drums/ Procrastinating 😛

We are very grateful, and extend a warm thanks to our previous members Akhil Gupta (Bass), Arjun Nath (Keys) and Ashutosh (Vocals). We wouldn’t have been where we are without them.

The band has already established itself in the Delhi rock circuit and has to its credit prestigious winnings, nominations and headlining various rock shows. We plan to come up with our Debut album in a few months and will be hitting the gig scenario in full flow, once again. So keep checking out this site, to get to know of our latest gigs, and do give us your feedback! Take care! Stay sharp!

Highlights from the trip so far

  • Winners of HT Youth Nexus 07.
  • Nominated for the Best Debut band for the year 2006 at the Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards.
  • Won PURPLE HAZE 07, the Rock Competition at SRCC.
  • Featured as the Band in Focus on RSJOnline for the month of June06.
  • Winners of MECCA 06 at Hindu College.
  • Headlined QUINTESSENCE 06 at Lady Irwin College along with Crimson and Five8.
  • Headlined DISTORTIONNAIRE 06 and 07 at IIT Delhi.
  • Winners of the WAR OF THE BANDS 06 at JIIT.
  • Winners of BLIZZARD 07 at Maitreyi College.
  • Headlined the Guest Nite 06 at IP College For Women.
  • Won HAZE-06 at DCE.
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  3. Lakshman Parsuram on January 15th, 2008 7:05 pm

    Awesome stuff man!

    hope to see some more tracks soon 🙂

    rock on\m/

  4. karma on December 30th, 2008 11:37 pm

    hey guys never heard of you but wanna perform in sikkim on the 26th of january 09…if so contact 9811666493 else ill contact you guys if you dont get me…i got your number from the above link……………

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