Paganic Souls

March 21, 2008

Paganic Souls
In a search for what black metal would become it became necessary to find out what it meant, and that leads us to a category of black metal bands who are “the conceptualizers,” most notably, Burzum,dimmu,sterbend,urfaust,wigrid,Darkthrone and Immortal. However, it is only Burzum who exceeded the epic with the majestic in terrifyingly abstract and emotional music…………………… and that inspired me ashish rawat. This work is simply enduring as both music and ideological impact of emotion and action. can’t answer of other people answers why is this ?…….why that? well paganic souls started on 2007 to create this world into darkness to build the dark atmosphere this is the best genere … or wish is to spread this genre to all living being first it started with pagan(band) at that time drummer was ill so,one man band worked doan the 1st demo called pagan it was one mans band by lord maut using guitars,bass,voix,and effects all the demos r live no other studio or mixing stuff another demo was dead well as jonson turkey took the position for drumming and with a new member band name was changed and it’s -paganic souls now…….its a 2 members band ,all the demo’s are composed by ashish(using:guitars,bass,voix and drums effect)whole idea was into to create depressive,clean suicidal,dark atmospheric black metal If you like forests and Wilderness you would love this music. We have a lot of wild animals, grim mountains and wilderness. Some places the forest is so dense you have to crawl to get anywhere. Some places the best -if not only – way to move around is to find a brook, and move along its course, jumping from rock to rock hmm want to learn u can also feel this genere “take a walk in the middle of a winter night in a forest all alone, and you will understand what I mean: it actually speaks.”

Paganic Souls is (usually) a one-man black metal act from india. ashish, the sole musician and lyricist, founded the band in 2007, though it wasn’t until,later that he released the first pre-suicidal journey demo cd.

THE P.S. are:
Ashish: bass and vox
Jonson: drums
Rahul: guitars

Band Box
Who? Paganic Souls Load Tracks
Genre Black Metal
Originated in New Delhi
Contact Email Ashish Rawat
Songs Evil Soul Lies Beneath
Mirror of Death
Son of Dark


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