February 18, 2008

Soul is a three piece Mumbai based Alternative/Progressive rock band. Constantly jamming to get the best music. Every member in the band is influenced by different species of music and brings out their own personal touch to the music they work upon. They love experimenting and play the covers in their own way but keeping in min to do justice to the covers they play and invent some good original music. Every member in the band has their distinctive influences and brings their own personal touch to the music.

Band Box
Who? S.O.U.L
Genre Alternative
Based in Mumbai
Contact Email Sanchit Bhan

Live Performances

As we all know that this band is based on a new concept by RJ Jeeturaaj of Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM they have done only one show at Mocha opening for the band ‘Black’. You can keep yourself updated at their official orkut community.


Jeeturaaj came with a rocking idea some time back on 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi. This was the first idea to promote youth music band culture on Indian radio for the first time ever. The idea got a rocking response from youth music bands in Mumbai. The idea was named ‘Band Banaao Jeeturaaj Ko Sunaao’ the whole of 2007 rocked with new bands coming and playing with Jeeturaaj on his Saturday night get-away on 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi called ‘Klub Mirchi’ between 9pm and 1am. All of the bands however were primarily boys, boys and boys. So, in year 2008 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi takes ‘Band Banaao Jeeturaaj Ko Sunaao’ to a new and more challenging level on ‘Klub Mirchi”. Jeeturaaj has actually initiated the birth of the first actual youth girl music band of India. This very revolutionary idea of Jeeturaaj, saw its birth with the help of Sanchit Bhan student of Pravin Patil College of Diploma Engineering and Technology, Bhayandar(E). Together Sanchit Bhan under the guidance of Jeeturaaj has helped set up the first all girl band of India called ‘S.O.U.L’ (Skipping Off Under estimated Life) which is a three piece band. The band consists of Sonal Surve (19) on vocals and guitars, Dhaara Thacker(19) on the bass guitar and Shiksha Bali(18) on the Drums. Though they are all beginners, but they have been constantly working hard to make this band a success. They are being featured in their first full on show on 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi with Jeeturaaj. Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM presents ‘Klub Mirchi’ – with ‘Band Banaao Jeeturaaj Ko Sunaao’ featuring ‘S.O.U.L’ the first all girl band of India. They generally play Alternative\Punk\Progressive Rock, they cover bands like The White Stripes, The Cranberries, Evanescence, Nickelback, Def Leppard. The band solely wants to work for women upliftment. Catch ‘S.O.U.L’ with Jeeturaaj its HOT


One Response to “S.O.U.L”

  1. Siddharth on February 22nd, 2008 1:07 pm

    Jeeto’Raj is doing some good work !

    and paras — dude kroomsa is getting noticed \m/ keep it up !

    and SOUL – way to go …..rock on – perhaps u can play at BandwarZ next year !

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