February 4, 2008

Umeed College fests & college alumni get people together. It is during these fests, there is an interaction among young talented students, UMEED is a result of one such college fest. Five guys from diverse fields, different background and bizarre interest but with ebullient aspiration for creation of soul worthy music.

They were in Vivekanand Education Societies Polytechnic (VESP). VESP had the influence of Sexana madam (Director VESP) who had keen interest in music; it was under her influence that all of them grew in music.

It was in their music room, under the watchful eye of Santosh More that we started to master in our respective fields.

It was way back in 2003 when Ashu & Mayuresh discovered in an unintentional scenario that both had similar interests in music genera. Ashu being a percussionist & Mayur a guitarist stated to jam up together. They were in search of an endowed singer and were slated to play in a college competition. It was here, where Jayesh stepped in, Jayesh at that time was very subdued in nature, and used to represent VESP in various intercollegiate fests. There was a desperate need for one more guitarist to cover up in rhythm section, which was filled in by Vinayak.

They were the first runners up in the event. This kept them going. During this period they were in extreme lack of funds. Neither did they have the drum set nor an electric guitar. They used to cover on acoustic guitars and Ashu used to play traditional Indian instrument

And the journey of their music just started….

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UMEED had started its transition from being an amateur to professional band during this phase Ameya stepped in as a bass guitarist for the band.

They started playing at various events and winning competitions. This got in funds for the band; by this time they started managing their own instruments and equipments. With influx of these equipments they started creating and composing their own music.

It has been almost 4 years and now they are playing allover Mumbai covering various artists and their originals.


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