Mar 22

Hey People,

Let us know if you know any potential advertisers who might be interested in advertising on Kroomsa.

Viva la music!

Paras Chopra

Feb 7

Siddharth has sent me a pic taken at the cafe of International Institute of Information Technology, Pune where Dhruva, their cultural fest, is going on. We are their online partners. Do you like the poster?

Kroomsa @ I2IT

Feb 7

“noun, plural -ties.
1. The condition of being insane; a derangement of the mind.
2. Law. such unsoundness of mind as affects legal responsibility or capacity.
3. Psychiatry. (formerly) psychosis.
4.extreme folly; senselessness; foolhardiness.

Synonyms 1. dementia, lunacy, madness, craziness, mania, aberration.

Yet, we at Kroomsa have always been a great supporter of insanity. We strongly believe that a human can cross the limits of his ability only after crossing this line. It was our tribute to this insanity that we decided to start Kroomsa. As expected all the insanes are invited!!

What is Kroomsa??
Kroomsa is not a me-too in the plethora of dotcoms. It is a genuine platform to introduce originality in this world of copy cats. Original music, straight from the hearts of young people who often do not get ears for their rhythm. And we also do not mind a lil philanthropy.

Original music?? How??
Bands and solo artists who were confined to the galaxies of their college campuses are now invited to show it all to the universe!! People with music in their veins and a guitar in their hands can also have some moolah in their pockets for the talent.

What’s in it for the musically insane?
You get your music to leap off the confined spaces and reach millions of people around the globe. Accolades, recognition, opportunitie.. well..we don’t promise but who knows??

What’s in it for the listeners??
A lot!! As listeners you not only get to hear the unheard rhythms from bands all over India but also get to help an NGO of your choice. For every song you download, 20% of the revenue goes to the NGO you choose and 40% goes to the artist. So, by lending an ear, you get to satisfy your conscious too!!

Where’s the money flowing from? / What’s in it for the advertisers?
We plan to generate revenue from ad-embedded songs. That is, advertisements would be embedded in the songs and would be available for online streaming. It is because of this factor that your ads would be permanently embedded and as the popularity of the songs grow, so can your ads travel round the globe!!

We plan to put in the story of our journey on this not-so official blog to keep every moment etched forever in our memories. Wait for the introduction to all the team members in the next post. Till then,

Stay insane. Stay alive.