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February 6, 2008

Music artists to help NGOs in the country

New Delhi, Delhi, IND, 2008-01-04 13:47:41

Kroomsa, a new initiative by young entrepreneurs from Delhi, has developed a platform ( which enables music artists to get more exposure, while at the same time helping NGOs in the country. The compositions by music artists from India are embedded with audio advertisements and are made available on the website for free listening and downloading. The revenue from these advertisements are shared between the artist, Kroomsa and the NGOs.

The concept is so innovative that in a short span of time Kroomsa has signed up numerous music artists and partnered with many college festivals. Even though the website is still in beta, response from public has been phenomenal. So, Kroomsa expects more music artists and advertisers to be signing up with it in near future.

Actually the platform creates a win-win situation for all. The artists are happy because they reach larger audience and get paid for their compositions. The audience is also happy because they get to (legally) listen to music at no cost. Plus, advertisers get an opportunity to explore this new format for reaching people. Finally, and most importantly as Kroomsa founders believe, it helps the country by contributing funds to the NGOs.

Although presently the genre most popular on Kroomsa is Rock and Metal, other genres such as Punjabi Hip-Hop, Hindi Pop, Electronica, Classicial, etc. will be added on the website soon. So, expect a lot of fresh and good music on the website in the coming weeks. And this music will be, as Kroomsa’s motto goes, “Music for Help”.

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