Way back home

January 22, 2008

February31 present to you “Way back home”

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Genre Rock
Band February31
Based in Delhi


Still wondering where it all went to
the come and go and the shining light
was it just the calm before the storm
that made everything feel alright
even through the known and the unkown
wasnt hard to keep the faith
but now its forever lost
guess it never existed anyway

so float away on your cloud
ill stick to my ground
and i wont wait
and i didnt see this coming
and i wont let it all wane

the game was set and the pieces played
i played right through-an unaware whore
everything good has turned sour
and things will never be the same anymore
i still blinked a blind eye
laughed and turned the other cheek
through the changes and the mess
the one who changed the least was me


now its all sprawled in the aftermath
the confusion across the fallout
see these bonds are self-effacing
the severed carry on, dont die out


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